Q. I’m worried about retaliation from EWUA or fellow Members if I support the recall. If I sign, how soon are they seeing my name?

  1. About EWUA Retaliation

Q. Can we be sued for signing the petition and/or proxy?

  1. We don’t think that’s something to worry about. The dominant Board faction or its supporters might wish to sue, but it would be a frivolous suit and the judge would likely sanction them and their attorney if they tried. Evidence of past behaviors point more toward one-on-one and group meeting intimidation tactics and making the public appearance of sheltering the Membership while making bad faith decisions on its behalf during open and closed Board meetings.

Q. If Farm to Market wins the case regarding the flawed election, it eliminates the need for a recall, right?

  1. False. The judge has the option of creating a remedy as she sees fit. This might see the removal of up to four directors or perhaps none. Whatever the judge rules, two directors will remain who are at the heart of the problem. This includes Jim Nelson and Mike Cleveland. We will seek their removal by recall, even if the judge removes other directors.

Q. Teri Nigretto is saying that Directors Carol Anderson and Ron Claus did something illegal by submitting affidavits to that court case. Is that so?

  1. Directors Carol Anderson and Ron Claus submitted statements directly to the Court. They did this to correct the record. Director Jim Nelson submitted affidavits to the Court that were inconsistent and inaccurate. EWUA directors have a fiduciary duty to the Members who own the cooperative and not to their fellow directors. The published Nigretto statement falsely accused Anderson and Claus of a crime. This creates liability for not just Nigretto but all Members who own the cooperative. We encourage you to contact Nigretto and ask her to correct the record and to apologize for falsely and publicly accusing Anderson and Claus. 

Q. Who is right in all this?

  1. The best way to determine who is right is to look at the actions, not the words, of the individuals. 

Q. I heard Steve Smith is trying to take control of EWUA in order to privatize it. Is this true?

  1. False. See