Because the meeting date and location is set by someone else after we file the petitions, we do not know when nor where the member meeting will be. Are you certain that you will be able to attend the member meeting? If yes, you do not need a proxy.  Please let us know, if you plan to attend in person.

If you are not certain that you will be able to attend the yet-to-be-scheduled member meeting, then we ask you to consider completing the proxy form. 

We offer the Proxy form in three formats. We prefill the Proxy information for you, if you choose to have either Steve or Tenar be your Proxy. Both Steve and Tenar intend to vote to recall the current Board members (except Ron Claus). If you prefer to name your own proxy, please make sure that they can attend the member meeting in person to assure that we meet the quorum requirements.

In order for the recall effort to be successful, at least 10% of the “memberships” must be present at the meeting, either in person or via proxy. If there is a member meeting and there are insufficient memberships present, then the recall effort will fail, as any vote without a quorum is invalid.

The proxy does two specific things:

  1. It counts as an attending membership for quorum purposes.
  2. It assures your voice is heard. If you cannot be there, your proxy can vote for you to either retain or recall directors.

The proxy has no other function and conveys no other power.

  • The proxy does not vote for you, if you attend the meeting yourself. Either you or your proxy needs to be at the member meeting.
  • You have the opportunity to select anyone you trust to attend the member meeting as your proxy, in case you cannot be there. Assigning a proxy increases the opportunity for your decision to be noted, since it is likely that either you or your proxy can attend. Again, we do not know yet when or where the meeting will be.
  • Filling out the proxy form is entirely optional, but it greatly assists us in ensuring that we meet the necessary attendance requirements for a valid meeting.

We currently do not plan to  submit the petition until we’ve gathered enough proxies to meet the quorum requirement. We’re getting there quickly, yet each proxy form – along with your valuable vote – plays a vital role in giving our membership a voice in this matter.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your involvement is essential in shaping a good future for our organization.

We have enough petition signatures to cause a meeting of the members. However, you are welcome to add your name to the petition.

The petition causes a member meeting to happen. However, for any vote at the meeting to be valid, at least 10% of the memberships must be present at the meeting either in person or via proxy. 

Blank Forms suitable for printing and completing by hand.

Q&A about how the proxy works

The Proxy form authorizes a member of Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA) to designate another person as their proxy. This proxy authorization is valid for a period of eleven (11) months unless revoked in writing.  The proxy designation is void if you decide to participate in the member meeting to vote on the recall. 

Why we ask you to authorize a proxy?

  1. To help assure that we meet quorum requirements for member meetings.
  2. The proxy will vote for you if you are unable to attend the member meeting. 

Who can vote?

Members of EWUA or their proxy. If you are a renter, ask your landlord if you can be their proxy.

Who can be a proxy? 

Anyone designated by a member. 

Can I be a proxy for more than one person?


When will the meeting be?

To be determined. The meeting will be scheduled after the petition is submitted. 

Please submit one proxy form for each membership you control. Do not submit more than one proxy per membership. 

Please make sure that your proxy will participate in-person in the member meeting held for the purpose of considering the recall of the Board of Eastsound Water Users Association. 

If you do not know your Tax Parcel Number, there is a link contained in the digital proxy form that you can follow to find it in the San Juan Co. Assessor’s records.  If you do not know who to designate as a proxy but would like to see the Board held accountable, then you can designate Steve Smith or Tenar Hall as your proxy. They intend to vote to recall the current Board members (except Ron Claus). 

You can print out the Petition and Proxy form, fill them out, then either scan them or take a photo of a completed form and send to us at or you can snail mail them to us at Recall Water, PO Box 1573, Eastsound, WA 98245.

You may also stop by Tidepool at the corner of A Street and North Beach for a blank Petition and Proxy form to complete. You can leave the completed forms at Tidepool for us to pick up. Please note that Tidepool is not endorsing or advocating this recall effort but is simply making their facility available for your convenience.  We are sure that they will appreciate your business.