We ask you to sign two different forms.

  1. A petition that will cause a special Member meeting to be called by the EWUA Board.
  2. A proxy form. We ask you to sign a proxy, even if you plan to attend the meeting. If you attend in person, the proxy has no power. If you are not present, then the person holding your proxy can cast a vote for you. The proxy also permits us to be sure there will be a quorum for the meeting.

Because the special Member meeting date and location is set by the people who are being recalled, we do not know when nor where the Member meeting will be, though they must identify a date within 35 days of the petition submission.

We are attempting to recall Jim Nelson, Teri Nigretto, Mike Cleveland, and Leith Templin.

You must be a Member of EWUA in order to sign the petition and proxy forms.

The proxy does the following things:

  1. It counts as an attending membership for quorum purposes.
  2. It assures your voice is heard. If you are not present at the special Member meeting, your proxy can vote for you to either retain or recall directors.
  3. It permits your proxy to vote for you in the election of replacement directors, if you do not vote. If you vote, then the proxy cannot vote on your behalf.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your involvement is essential in shaping a good future for our organization.

EWUA Proxies – If you have already granted a proxy to EWUA and want to cancel it, we provide you a form that you can use to notify EWUA. At the end of 2023, EWUA solicited proxies suggesting that they were needed for assuring a quorum for the annual meeting. However, there was no business scheduled for the annual meeting. Instead, before the annual meeting, the EWUA used the proxies received to cast votes for their preferred candidates in the election of directors. In all previous elections, the Board voted the proxies in proportion to how the Members voted. In past years, the proxies were used to assure a quorum rather than to tilt an election, as the 2023 Board did.

The 51 proxies that were given to the Board are still held by the Board and can continue to be used as the Board sees fit. If you do not want the Board to use your proxy to perpetuate their hold on power, then notify the Board in writing that you are canceling the proxy you have given them. You can use this form to make that easier.

Quorums – The petition causes a Member meeting to happen. However, for any vote at the meeting to be valid, at least 10% of the memberships must be present at the meeting, either in person or via proxy. There are approximately 1,000 Members holding approximately 1,200 memberships. Each membership is entitled to one vote.

Q&A about how the proxy works

The Proxy form authorizes a Member of Eastsound Water Users Association (EWUA) to designate another person as their proxy. This proxy authorization is valid for a period of one year unless revoked in writing.  If you are present at the special Member meeting, the proxy conveys no power. If you vote, the proxy conveys no power to vote for you on any subsequent election of directors.

RecallWater did not use any of its proxies to vote in the 2023 election. Our focus was on the recall efforts taking place at that time. Upon resignations and new faces on the EWUA Board, we had hope that matters with EWUA would be resolved; so, RecallWater had ceased our recall efforts and voluntarily cancelled all proxies in our names. Now, because further corruption has set in, we are again asking for your proxy. Thank you for your support and for standing for the rights of the membership.

Why we ask you to authorize a proxy?

The primary reason is to assure that we meet quorum requirements for Member meetings.

Who can vote?

Members of EWUA or their proxy.

Who can be a proxy?

Anyone designated by a Member.  We are offering five names as proxyholders. We hope you will chose one of these five.

Can I be a proxy for more than one person?


When will the Member meeting be?

To be determined. The meeting will be scheduled by the dominant faction of the EWUA Board after the petition is submitted.

Can I designate a proxy without using the online form?

Yes. Please contact us at for information about how to do so.