Does Steve Smith want to privatize EWUA and “take over?” Why would the Smiths be spending all this time and money, even now? Is there some sort of “revenge factor?”

* We saw corruption and malfeasance.

* As a couple, we had a decision to make. Do we fight it, or do we walk away?

* Our moral compasses drove us to stay and fight.

* We consider our legal expenses as no different than giving a large donation to a cause for homelessness, pet shelters, wounded soldier relief, etc.

* I don’t want to be in charge of or operate another business with employees — private, nonprofit, for-profit, or otherwise — right now. We’ve done that. I like our current work. 

* We, like you, want to live in a community where we can trust people to do right by their neighbor.

* Life is too short to be filled with the muck of revenge and bitterness. 

Is it as simple as all that? Yes.

Is Steve duping me and my Pollyanna attitude in order to get what he wants, a private utility company to run exactly the way he wants? Tee hee. Wowza. I think I’d know, after 25+ years, who I married. ((grin)) <3 

Let’s not get distracted from the task at hand, folks.