Sounder Distortions

Toby Cooper, a reporter for the Sounder, asked Smith and Hall a question and made several statements. In response, Carla Higginson, responded with the following memo.  Toby Cooper chose to do a story on land. The one quote that he did take from the memo was misquoted.

This is what Higginson said:

Higginson explained that Claus can legally appoint another board member to fill the vacancy and that those two board members can choose a third, and the three choose another. This pattern can be followed until all vacancies are filled.

This is what Toby Cooper quoted:

But Smith is pursuing the full recall. If he succeeds, the EWUA will be left without the ability to assemble a quorum for conducting business, including the need to name new directors to rebuild. Smith states, through his lawyer, his intent to self-assemble the board one member at a time, with candidates who meet his criteria.

Detect any bias?


The story also includes the following statement

>> According to EWUA management, has yet to garner the number of signatures needed to hold such a meeting.<<

To prevent an opening for bullying and intimidation from EWUA, Team Recall has not yet shared with EWUA or the public the names and how many have signed the petition and proxies. Therefore, the names and how many there are is not information that EWUA management can currently know or speak to.  Cooper did not verify with Team Recall the accuracy of the EWUA press release issued under his byline.