RecallWater is now composed of the following:

Jump to Supporters – These are people who have signed the forms and volunteered to have their names associated with this recall campaign. The dominant Board faction has harassed some of these individuals. So, if you see them, thank them for being courageous. Your name will remain private if you do not want to make it public. See our FAQ page for details.

Concerned Eastsound Water Users

  • Carol Ann Anderson
  • Robert Austin
  • Ron Claus
  • Jim Cook
  • Tenar Hall
  • Fred Klein
  • Mike Parnell
  • Michael Riordan
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Steve Smith

Current Directors of EWUA

  • Carol Ann Anderson
  • Ron Claus
  • Jim Cook

Former Directors of EWUA

  • Tenar Hall
  • Fred Klein
  • Steve Smith

Former Secretary/Treasurers of EWUA

  • Tenar Hall – Served from January 1, 2023 to March 2023.  
  • Carol Anderson – Served from December 2023 to April 2024.

Both Hall and Anderson were removed when they requested access to the financial records. 

Additional Supporters – If you would like to add your name to the list, please email us at

  • Andrea Cohen
  • Bob Connell
  • Bruce Wilson
  • Charles Frosolone
  • David Page
  • David Robertson
  • Farm to Market LLC
  • George Post
  • Green Tree Properties, LLC
  • Jeanmarie Agapoff
  • JC Laursen
  • Jerry Smith
  • Katherine Hickey
  • Kim Rose
  • Linda Ellsworth
  • Linda Slone & Jim Schafer-Bach
  • Magdalena Stover
  • Michael Johnson
  • Michelle Bayba
  • Kurt Kaynor
  • Keith Light
  • Melissa Lowry
  • Paul Gilliland
  • Papa Mike Inc
  • Patricia Cook
  • BJ Arnold
  • Ron Myers
  • Scott Simpson
  • Stan Armstrong
  • Stephen Tarkan
  • Steve Shook
  • Stone’s Throw Condominium
  • Susan Mustard
  • Tammy Myers
  • Wally Gilliam
  • Wendy Shinstine


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