Financial Cover-up at Eastsound Water Users Association

Member money has been lost. The General Manager took more compensation than authorized. The Board has chosen to excuse the GM’s actions, hide those actions from the forensic investigator and the members of the Association, and has given in to the GM’s demands to silence those who tried to protect the members.
This has impacted members. Member rates were raised 22% in 24 months (11% for 2022 and another 10% for 2023).  
The Board has also failed to implement the anti-bullying policies it agreed to as a part of a settlement agreement with a former employee.
We ask you to review the evidence of malfeasance, sign the recall petition to remove existing Board members, and sign the proxy form to assure a quorum at a meeting of the members to vote on the recall. 
This is the only way to protect our Association.

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