Status of the recall effort

Team Recall has collected enough petition signatures to cause the board to call a member meeting.  Three percent of the memberships.

For any vote at the member meeting to be valid, there needs to be a quorum of members who attend either in-person or via proxy.  We continue to seek a sufficient number of commitments of attendance or proxies to assure that any vote at a member meeting has a quorum. Ten percent of the memberships.

Once we submit the petition, the EWUA board must do several things.

  1. Within two days, provide Team Recall with an alphabetized list of all members and the numbers of votes associated with each.
  2. Within 35 days, schedule a member meeting and notify the members of the meeting.
  3. Provide all members notice of the member meeting date and location. This notice must be at least 20 days in advance of the meeting. It must not be more than 35 days after the notice of the meeting. The notice must include an approved proxy form.

Steve Smith managed the 2022 board election on behalf of EWUA using member names and contact information as provided by the General Manager.  At that time, EWUA had on record 1,168 memberships. Some members have more than one membership.  There is a very small increase in the number of memberships each year, as few homes are built within the EWUA service area each year; and of the ones which are, many have a membership that was purchased in the past before the cost of memberships increased at $14,500.  The April’s Grove apartments have one membership.