After Team Recall published the forensic report, the EWUA Board scrambled with multiple meetings per week to formulate a response to the findings and recommendations made in the forensic report.  You can see the forensic report here.

EWUA called their response an Implementation Report (IR) and declared that all 12 recommendations made by the forensic accountant had been implemented.

We have done a detailed analysis of their IR. Here is the summary, and the full analysis is in the PDF that follows.


The Forensic Report does not say what the Board says it does.

The Board says that there is “no finding of embezzlement or misuse of members funds for improper purpose.”

Acuity’s Forensic Report actually says:

“It is my professional opinion that the General Manager position at EWUA has too much financial control without proper oversight by the Board. This lack of oversight led to the likely overpayment of payroll to the current general manager and the potential overspending of EWUA funds.”


What the Board’s Implementation Report does not discuss:

  1. Anything about their culture of intimidation and inequality.
  2. Anything about how the Members’ lost money is recovered.
  3. Anything about the lack of Board control over system access.
  4. Anything about the approximately $100,000 the Board has spent, so far, on attorney fees, partly for determining if the Treasurer should have oversight and, if so, to what extent.


Almost all of the Board’s responses to the forensic accountant’s unquoted findings and the 12 emphasis-modified recommendations are substantially false.

The Board’s response:

  • Does not acknowledge the past failures.
  • Says that it has implemented each recommendation, but the following text often shows it isn’t actually implementing the recommendation.
  • Misrepresents findings and recommendation reports.
  • Is to continue to refuse to perform its oversight duties and is, instead, reporting plans to outsource the oversight responsibilities to a third-party in Utah.