Major Bylaw Changes Planned

Summary of major changes in the proposed bylaws:

  1. It will be much easier to remove Board members – Instead of there being a requirement of a unanimous vote of the Board to remove a Board member, the Board now only requires 5 of the 7 Board members to remove “undesirables” from the Board.
  2. The Board will gain the ability to determine who is “qualified” to be on the ballot. Anyone “undesired” can be prohibited from being on the ballot for any reason.
  3. It will be much more difficult to force a meeting of the Members. The number of signatures needed is raised from 3% to 10%.
  4. All complaints, including complaints about the GM, must be routed first to the GM.
  5. The bylaws include no requirement of notices to the Members of any kind of Board meeting.
  6. By a majority vote, the Board will be able to pick and choose which Board members to indemnify from liability.
  7. The Board intends to adopt the new bylaws in violation of the Article of Incorporation which makes any modification or amendment to the bylaws subject to approval by a vote of the Members.