The election instructions and the ballots that are being distributed by EWUA are seriously flawed.

The flaws include:

  1. Incorrect identification of the seats that are up for election. 
  2. The number of seats that are up for election. The instructions state two seats. It should have been three.
  3. The ballot states that if a Member votes for more than two, the ballot will be rejected.
  4. The ballot is missing critical information necessary for it to be counted correctly.
    1. Each Member is allowed one vote per water membership that they hold. Nothing on the ballot allows those counting the votes to identify the Member other than a signature. For the Members who are LLCs, Incs, or Trusts, or whose personal signature is not readable, there is no way to identify the number of votes that should be associated with the ballot.
  5. The ballot does not include the account number of the Member. (See EWUA statement provided on November 2, 2023 (see next section), stating that the account number is necessary to associate votes with Members.)