Did you read the affidavit written by Director Carol Anderson?

Here are three paragraphs from it:

“I asked Dan Burke, EWUA General Manager, to issue Exhibit B, Board-approved ‘Notification from the EWUA Board dated 12-13-23”. It was posted on the EWUA website and in the Orcasonian (https://theorcasonian.com/), a local newspaper on December 15th, 2023. This EWUA notification posted to the EWUA website, has since been deleted. It identified that Jim Cook was selected to fill the first open position with the stipulation that he would run again for the board at the end of the year 2024. The notification issued a formal invitation to members interested to apply for the remaining seat. From the applications received, the board would determine the successful applicant. This position was also for one year.

“As the secretary, I took notes at the Executive Session/Working Meeting on January 9th. The meeting was called to vote on who would be the successful applicant, along with other issues. I continued to take meeting minutes, even though the board recommended that these activities not be documented. This document helps to bring to light what would not have been known otherwise.

“Exhibit C, EWUA Executive Session/ Working Meeting minutes dated on January 9th, 2024, were prepared and distributed to all board members. Request for review and approval was ignored. This document provides some of the discussions regarding selection of Leith Templin as the successful applicant. Ron Claus and I were the dissenting votes. Jim Cook was restricted from voting, even though he had been selected and this made public in the December 15, 2023, public announcement.”

((see more by reading the full affidavit))