Ron Claus’ Statement

Did you read the full affidavit written by Ron Claus?

Here are three paragraphs from it:

“Unfortunately, in the 18 months I have been on the Board, I have discovered that the EWUA Board is dysfunctional because of certain key players. In my first full board meeting as a director, there was a surprise motion to re-appoint a former board member who had resigned some months earlier. Then, to my further surprise the majority removed the Chair who had been instrumental in the innovative decisions of the past two years. They made the newly-appointed director the Chair. The board later removed the former Chair from the board entirely, through a process that was not allowed by the bylaws. I was soon to learn why.

“The Board was and remains divided on whether the Treasurer of the Board should have access to the financial records of the Association. The former Chair and the Treasurer at the time were forced off of the board because they were pushing for the financial access necessary to provide fiduciary oversight of the operations of EWUA.

“The Board has had four Treasurers in the last 18 months I have been on the Board and about four of those months were with no Treasurer in place at all. To date, none of the Treasurers have been given unobstructed access to the records, even after a forensic investigator was brought in and issued a report with several statements of inappropriate expenditures in the past and a lack of safeguards to effectively perform our fiduciary duties of overseeing the General Manager and his actions.”

((see more information on abuses and other inappropriate actions that have taken place by going to the full statement))