Welcome! The information that was on the 2023 RecallWater site is still relevant and available. You can get to it anytime by scrolling to the bottom of the 2024 home page and clicking on “Link to Round 1 RecallWater homepage.”

Most every button is self-explanatory. What changes most, as proxies and petition signatures come in, is the “Who We Are” page. Because of that, it’s our most “clicked on” page. That’s because we’ve given the option to our neighbors on whether or not they want to publicly show their names as supporters.

The “We Own It…” button is a link to a site where there’s another cooperative in another community that had similar problems to what is happening here to us regarding EWUA, which is a private, nonprofit, Member-owned cooperative.

Thank you for taking part in this important effort. If you’re a Member, you’re an owner of the EWUA cooperative. We have a voice in how our money is spent, how our water is delivered, and what is done to regulate the cost, the quality, and the quantity of that water.