What is Right?

There was a statement on an Orcas Island Facebook page recently. It said that a lot of good people are leaving the island. 

Is this true? If so, why would that be?

Is it because there’s a lack of civility, ethical conduct, and common decency displayed by some individuals and some groups, especially in meetings?

Does it feel like there are political fires everywhere, both locally and nationally? 

“If good people are leaving, I don’t blame them. Surely there’s a place that’s better…somewhere…right?!”

Who is right in each mess that’s happening? One side says one thing. The other side says the opposite. In a small town, there’s likelihood you know people on both sides. There’s got to be truths on both sides, right? 

How do you decipher who is right? Why try? Is it easier to just give up and try to keep your head down?

Truly, how does one decipher who is right? 

You don’t look at the “who.” You look at the “what.” What is right? 

You look at the facts, for sure. But, you also must look at the behaviors. Is there mocking and bullying? Is there a lot of spewing of hate? Is there an attempt to block communication or keep people away from certain information? When any of this happens, there’s often something amiss they’re trying to cover up.

We tell you WHAT is wrong.

On the RecallWater.com site, click on the “Why the Recall?” button

What we see and hear happening should not be the “new normal.” 

There are plenty of good people here on Orcas Island. We can be the “WHO” that does what is right. If we stand together against the tyranny of the few, we can get back to what we came to Orcas Island to do – live peacefully in this beautiful, rural pocket of the world. As the good people of the island, let’s pull together to do what is right for the EWUA membership.