Major Bylaw Changes Planned

See for our analysis of what EWUA is planning to do with the bylaws. Among other things, EWUA plans to make it easier to remove Board members, make it possible to keep people off of the ballot, and to make it harder to call for a Member meeting. The EWUA Board is allowing Member input on September 18 at 3pm and on September 22 at 3pm.

Implementation Report Falsehoods

See for our review of what the EWUA says it has implemented.

Suggested Questions

We encourage you to ask EWUA for a copy of the monthly financial reports for 2022 and 2023.


We encourage you to ask EWUA to notify you of upcoming Board meetings and to provide a copy of future Board packet, meeting minutes, and financial reports.


There are two seats up for election this year. The seats currently held by Rick Christmas and Scott Lancaster are up.  We encourage you to get involved. Send an email to and let them know to add your name to the ballot. Under the existing bylaws, they cannot keep your name off the ballot. The election should run from late October through the November 21st. Board meeting.


We ask you to sign the proxy form. This will assure that there is a quorum for the Member meeting that will be scheduled once we submit the petition and proxy forms. We do not know when the meeting will be or where it will be yet. EWUA cannot schedule the recall meeting until we submit these forms. Please note that, to help prevent bullying or other intimidation tactics, your names on the petition and proxy forms will not be publicly shared until we submit them to EWUA and/or the neutral elections inspector for which we are negotiating.


We are posting news of EWUA activities and updates on our recall efforts on the site.  We will only send email and/or sms updates when there is significant news. If you do not want to receive these updates, please click on the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of this email.


As evidenced in the Board statements in their Implementation Report, they intend to outsource their oversight responsibilities. They decline to make any attempt to recover the lost money. Instead, the EWUA Board is modifying the bylaws, as demanded by the GM as a part of his settlement agreement where he threated to sue the Board if bylaw changes were not made.

Only the Members can hold the EWUA Board accountable. The only way to do this is to sign the petition and proxy forms available at Again, to help prevent bullying and intimidation tactics, the information you share on the forms is not public until Team Recall has submitted them, as a group, to EWUA and/or the neutral elections inspector for which we are negotiating.